(Halal) Sedap Thai – Jalan Berseh Food Center

Here is a fun fact about me. I love steamboats and grills! I love seeing the meat changing colour, hearing the meat sizzling on the grill, smelling the incredible fragrances of cooked meat, seafood and the taste of grilled meat. Of course, it would be better if the smell doesn’t stick to my clothes, but that is something that I can live with. One of the reasons why I love steamboat is the fact that I love communal dining. Eating together, laughing and talking with food is simply a fun experience by itself. I am a strong believer that food can bond people together. One of the ways we can enjoy this is via steamboat and grill.

A typical buffet steamboat and grill can cause $25++ and up for one person, depending on the time of day that you’re going (lunch and dinner may have different prices), so if you’re out on a date, you can expect damage to be around $60++. Sometimes the buffet steamboat and grill don’t include drinks, or if you want a different soup base, you have to pay extra. So the bill may come up to close to $80++. At Seoul Garden, dinner buffet for steamboat and grill for two can cost $90++.

The thrill of a buffet steamboat is the joy of eating all that you can eat over the varieties of marinated meats, seafood, vegetables and others. Certain places offer cooked food as well. So while waiting for your food to be cooked, you can munch on something else.

So exciting! Of course you would be cooking your own food, but for that price, you get to eat ALL the meat that you want. ALL. ANYTHING. Beef, chicken, mutton, lamb, prawns, crabs, squid, fish, everything that you want! So aside from having oil occasionally splattering over you and having the grill smell stuck on your clothes, your tummy would be full and will be extremely thankful to you! Just make sure, you cook the food through and properly. Otherwise, you will pay for it later. Heh.

If it was possible, I would want to eat steamboat and grill every day! No wait, every day is overkill, maybe every week. It would burn a hole in my wallet, but it is worth it! Now if only there is a place that I can grill my food without burning that hole…

Enter Sedap Thai.

Located at Jalan Berseh Food Centre, Sedap Thai is actually a Thai version of steamboat and grill. Normally, Thai steamboat and grill is called Mookata, because moo means pork and kata means pan or skillet in Thai. So what you do is you will put pieces of pork at the top of grill, and as it grills, the animal fat would melt and “butter” up your grill for you to cook your food on. So you don’t need to use butter at all, and the meat won’t stick to the pan. But because Sedap Thai is halal, they don’t use pork at all, instead they use beef fat or babat (yumyumyum!) in Malay. For those who are unaware, halal means that food must be prepared as prescribed by the Muslim Law, and that also includes no pork and no lard and no alcohol.

Now, for $20 nett, you get a basic set of crabmeat, hotdogs, fishballs, various marinated chicken and beef slices, some vegetables, eggs, squid, small prawns and a few others. For only $20, I get to grill my food! I top up a few dollars more, I get to have a Tom Yam soup base. I don’t have to break my bank account, and me and my partner can enjoy a simple grilled meal. And to be honest, it is more than enough. Initially, I was worried that it was not enough to keep my man’s stomach full, but it was. Of course, you can always order the items ala carte, and add on if you don’t think it is enough, but it is still considerably cheaper than when you go for the buffet steamboat and grills in other places. You can also add instant noodles or buy rice. All in all, pretty darn affordable! $20 for 2 pax, not per person but 2 pax! A Mcdonald meal for two can amount to more than that (if you’re like me and like to add cheese, or make your own burger and upsize and what not, heh). For me, I added some additional meats and quail eggs, as well as some instant noodles and I paid $30 only for two person. I was still so full by the end of the meal and I did not over eat like how I normally would when having buffet steamboat or buffets in general.

Okay, so, when I first went here to eat, I was a noob and I had to be taught by the stall owner how to eat. Innocently, I asked him:

“Please sir can I have some butter?”
“Oh! You don’t need butter! We use beef fat to make sure the meat doesn’t stick to the pan. Just stick it to the top of the grill and the juices will flow down. It will make your food more delicious also!”

And so we did, and hey presto, like magic, the food wasn’t sticking to the pan.
Now if you’re like me, once you’re done with the cooking, you now have 2 extra pieces of beef fat (cooked and yummy chewy) to munch on. Nomnomnomnomnom! Moral of the story, identify your beef fat and put it on the grill for it to be cooked!

Some pictures that I took the other day when I had dinner there. I manage to take a picture of the menu that they have, and also some of my, hopefully, appetizing meats that I was grilling. If you see a lack of vegetables, it’s not because the shop forgot about it, but it is simply because I didn’t want any. My partner and I are not big vegetable fans, so it’d be a waste to give it to us anyway.

For more information, you can go to their Facebook page here.



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