(Halal) Fat Papas – Bali Lane

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Fat Papas, a halal version of the Fat Boys burger joint. We had just returned from our vacation in Bali, and because we were still on leave, we decided to head out to eat. It was late when we decided to go eat, so we thought, why not try Fat Papas? We had heard stories that the queue was extremely long, and we had once tried to eat there before, but decided elsewhere because we didn’t want to queue for food. We figured, why not try to go after 8pm, maybe there won’t be any queue at all.

We were wrong.
We reached Fat Papas at around 8.30 and though the queue was not as long as the previous time we were there, we were seated at around 9.20pm. Previously when we went, there were at least 20 people waiting in line. That day, the queue had only half the number of people waiting in line, so not too bad actually. Considering that the ones in front of us came in big groups, I say it was a fair amount of time to queue for food.

Though the restaurant is 2-storey-ed, don’t expect a big dining area. The first floor, can only seat maybe about 10 customers, and the upstairs 20 to 25 customers at a time? And since people tend to come in big groups, you can imagine why it would take a while for your turn to be seated.

Me: Hey baby, is it you got special powers?
Him: Eh why?
Me: Cause you bring me back to Bali to eat…
(Get it? Because Fat Papas is located at Bali Lane, which is technically Bugis. Okay, never mind.)

They actually placed some seats at the front door, so those in front, or if you have kids or elderly with you, can sit while you wait. They also have placed their menus on the window so you can have a look at the menu to help you decide and cut short the ordering time process. When it is closer to your turn, they will pass you some menus as well, to help you decide what you want to eat.

Now, I am not sure if this is going to be happening forever, probably just for this initial phase since they just opened, but Sheikh Haikel, the owner of this joint, personally stands at the door, greets you and introduce to you the menu before he seats you. Talk about service! He greeted us and another couple, ask whether it was our first time, apologise for the long wait, and went through the menu with us – what is great on the menu, the popular items, his favourite items to eat on the menu. He also informed us that there was a secret menu! Look, I love secret menus. Deep down I know some of the items are items that already exist on the menu, but just renamed, or modified with additional ingredients. But something about ordering secret menu items, just make me feel extremely naughty. Like I am part of a conspiracy. Anyway, I half expected him to bust out a rap (since he is a rapper) introducing the menu or while greeting us, but he didn’t and that is still okay. I’m pretty sure, he repeats the spiel to all of his customers, so it would be really tiring. As it stands, he looked pretty tired already! Very understandable.

Even though he didn’t bust out a rap, I loved how he presented the secret menu, especially when he was explaining the Country Fried Sheikh Burger. It was like a performance and I was left drooling. I couldn’t remember the rest, but I definitely remember this bit!

Sheikh Haikel: …bun, mashed potato, fries, bacon, country fried steak, sauce, then another country fried steak, bacon and sauce (all while gesturing adding each layer on his hand)..
Me: OH WOW (completely sold on this burger, I can feel my drool dripping)
Sheikh Haikel:…. We got cheese fries… Disco Fries which are fries with brown sauce and melted cheddar cheese. I’ve got Groovy Fries which are fries with brown sauce and cheese sauce.
Me: (at this point I am no longer listening and already trying to decide what fries I want).

It was just how he said it, it was mesmerising. I was already picturing the burger in my head. By the time we were seated down, we already knew what we wanted. I went for the Country Fried Sheikh Burger and my man decided on the beef ribs. We add on Groovy Fries and Chilli Chicken Boners and had 2 milkshakes – Vanilla Milkshake with Nutella add-on and Gula Melaka Milkshake.

Right, so here is a word of caution. The food portions are HUGE. When the burger came, I was floored. HOW TO FIT IN MY MOUTH. SO BIG OHMYGOD. The beef ribs? A huge slab of ribs on the plate. Very generous portions! So, if you are not a big eater, you may share your food. But I doubt anyone would want to share, because they taste so damn incredible. You just would want every bite to yourself.


The burger was excellent! I decided to eat them with my hands even though they were huge, but that is how a burger is meant to be eaten. And it was finger licking good. I loved the buns that they used, it was perfectly toasted.


I loved the ribs! It was very tender and you didn’t require much effort to slice through the meat. And the ribs was huge okay!



The groovy fries, absolutely delicious! All the fries and sweet potato fries that came along with the ribs were thick cut fries, which is how I normally like my fries to be. I wish they had added more brown sauce and cheese sauce for the groovy fries, but I’ll be sure to ask for more sauce in the future.


The chicken boners were a bit too spicy for me, and because we were full, we decided to pack it along with the fries to take home.


I was so full by the end of the meal, I needed to walk it all off. Oh, and how could I forget the milkshake! My Vanilla with Nutella Milkshake was done just perfect! The consistency of the milkshake was thick, and I could really taste the Nutella. The Gula Melaka Milkshake is also a sinful indulgence. You get something that is extremely sweet, thick and creamy all at the same time. I savoured both milkshakes and drank every single drop. What really gets me, is that they serve the milkshakes with marshmallows which is a really nice touch. Really love the milkshakes! Milkshakes done right is just pure genius. I’ll come back just for the milkshakes!


The whole meal was perfect, and hits just the right spot. My pictures don’t do enough justice to them though. I can feel my fats piling up with each bite, but who cares. It is very filling and totally worth every single cent. Just remembering the meal now, and I am already salivating. The service crew was also very attentive to your needs. When my knife dropped on the floor, I had a crew member coming up to me instantly replacing the knife. When I asked for ice water, they pointed where I could get the ice water, but another member of the service crew was already preparing the ice water for me. They’ll check on you, and ask how your meal was. I am definitely coming back!

I love it when my food adventures leave me satisfied!


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